Honda Brio – The Much Awaited Small Family Car


Honda has had a rather impressive record with its small cars and its latest release Honda Brio is definitely going to be a grand success as its entry into the market has been a much-awaited one by those who had been on the lookout for a small family car. has featured this car in its New Arrival category. To learn more about the performance of the Honda Brio, visit this website:

Here are some important features of the car that could help a prospective buyer.


  • Length – 3.61 meters
  • Width –  1.68 meters
  • Height – 1.5 meters
  • Wheel base – 2.34 meters

With dimensions such as the above, it is ideally suited for city conditions as maneuvering the car of this size becomes easier. Added to this is the fact that the turning radius of the car is only 4.5 m and that makes it an ideal 4-wheel drive in the congested city traffic conditions.


The interior layout and design is appealing and the quality of plastic that has been used for the door moulding and the dashboard is superior and the design stylish. The suspension set-up in Honda Brio is a great improvement on its previous models. This means one can look forward to a comfortable long distance drive, especially when one has to travel on bumpy roads or roads with deep pit holes. Yet another attractive feature for those who would like to drive out long distances on family vacations is the fact that even on speeds of over 150 KMPH, there is no significant body roll.  The width of the car is shortened but for a car that comes in small dimensions, it can be called spacious as the leg room in the front is good while the back seats can comfortably accommodate people who are not very tall.

It has a 1.2 liter Jazz engine and comes with a hatchback Jazz that can be best termed practical.

Engine Features:

  1.  4 Cylinder 1.2 litre –VTEC
  2. Output – 88 PS @ 6000 rmp
  3. Torque – 109 Nm @4600 rpm

The car comes with a 5 speed manual transmission and gear ratios that are optimized. This means the rpm acceleration is low and smooth, enabling maximum fuel efficiency of 18.4 kmpl and quick and light performance that makes driving the car a veritable pleasure.

A lot of thought has been given into the designing of the car’s rear. This is one of the features that has added to the car’s popularity. The rear is made with smoked glass and at the back, lights are strategically placed at the lower end of the rear to give it an elegant finish. Click here to get detailed information about the latest models of automobiles.

The Braking System

The rear brakes for Honda Brio are the Drum type whereas the front brakes are       Ventilated Disk type. The Anti-lock Braking System provides the reliable and powerful braking feature. The feature helps in avoiding skidding when a sudden brake is applied. For those who are concerned about traveling on slippery roads two other braking features can be a good reassurance. The Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and the Electric Stability Program that have been incorporated into the Anti-lock Braking System makes the car safer to drive on slippery roads. For more information about braking systems visit

The four models of the car available in the market today are Honda Brio E MT, Honda Brio S MT, Honda Brio S Option MT, Honda Brio V MT.

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