Fujitsu Prototype – Arrows Quad Core Tegra 3


The Fujitsu quad-core phone Tegra 3 rumored to be shown at Customers Electronic Show twists out to be part of the Arrows model family of the company, just like its anorexic 0.26″ Arrows F-07D, which appeared at the FCC not very far past.

A first of its kind size of the Tegra 3-laden superphone has been shown, and the specifications that will compliment its plastic are fabulous. How are the 4.6″ HD screen, LTE connection and 13.1MP digicam with higher 25600 ISO sensitivity for better low-light pictures audio to you? Decent, right? Along with that it will be water and dustproof like we are used to from Western handsets or atleast we can compare them to it.

The quad-core phone Tegra 3 cellphone will also provide DLNA and HDMI-out power for your wifi and wired media buffering needs. The HDMI aspect appears to be finished via an MHL interface, knowing from the dongle in the images, which present the quad-core phone Tegra 3 managing a activity title on an HDTV, and the experience being handled with a wifi gamepad. Together with the pleasure is the truth that Android 4.0 ICS will be on the quad-core phone Tegra 3 mobile phone out of the box, and by time the customers hit MWC time next 30 days, the Fujitsu Arrows superphone should be demoed in its complete wonder.

Fujitsu is at now, purchasing the quad-core giant of quad-core phone Tegra 3 to providers in the US and The european union, expecting that it will keep there for a release in the autumn. Otherwise it will be specific absolutely in March, possibly with changed design, and appear on Japanese racks in the summertime season time.

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