Genius Ring – Presentation On Your Fingertips


There are many of us, who have used an Air Miceduring a PowerPoint demonstration. However, here comes best aspect about it for all of those for whom presentations are a aspect of their day-to-day action.
A new system known as the Genius Ring Presenter has been released and is available that you can buy. This can absolutely make the procedure of introducing something very simple.

Genius Ring Presenter can allow you to handle and get a grip on your glides in a less obvious style. It looks like a key band and has a touching pointer and allows sleek and unlimited use of glides, records and internet sites with just the touching of your finger.

Particulars of Genius Ring Presenter

User can perform many actions like ‘Play’, ‘Last’, ‘Exit’, ‘Next’ and so on  with the device’s help all through PowerPoint presentation.

Genius Ring Presenter also helps to handle and manage the pointer actions, move certain slides and also search in four different tactics. This system features in the style of a mouse and has similar buttons: left option, center option and right option.

There is a beam of laserlight pointer on the Genius Ring Presenter to have it better. With its aid, one can create ourselves look like a green lantern, with very minimum effort. However, the laser pointer has to be green for this.

A Few other options

The Genius Ring Presenter deploys a li-ion power supply, and the Wireless bluetooth technological innovation along with a USB wire to go to the PC. It is a wifi device, but has 2.4GHz technological innovation for better efficiency in long varies.
The device connects within a WiFi range of 10 meters. Genius Ring Presenter is offered in a variety of colors like gold, ping, blue, green, black, purple so on. The device’s introductory value is just about around $60. So rush and get carry of your reveal from the market for a better experience in introducing.

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