Give a Cosy Touch to Your Home with Elegant and Classy Shaggy Rugs


Rugs have been an important aspect of home decoration through the years. They gained popularity during the 1960s and today are widely used for beautifying homes. They have the power to modernize and revitalize any room of your home, giving it a contemporary touch. From traditional oriental rugs to modern contemporary rugs, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Following are some important factors that you should consider when buying a rug for your home;

The Design of the Rug

Unlike traditional rugs, shaggy rugs are thicker and softer. These rugs can add texture and style to any room in your home. From earthy browns to vibrant oranges, these rugs come in a variety of patterns and colours. The most common patterns include geometric designs, animal prints and contemporary designs.

Flooring Of Your Room

In addition to providing protection to wooden and laminate flooring, rugs add instant warmth to cold marbled and wooden flooring. These rugs are suitable for any type of flooring. In case of wooden or laminate flooring neutral coloured rugs are more suitable whereas in case of marble or tiled flooring, brightly coloured rugs are more appropriate.

The Colour Scheme of Your Room

If you have selected the right rug for your room it can complement the décor of your room well. However, make sure that its colour does not contradict the theme of your room. If it does not match, then it is useless to buy one as it is not going to serve the intended purpose. For this reason, consider the colour combinations and finalize your purchase decision accordingly. If the colour scheme of your room is neutral, a brightly coloured rug is the best choice, whereas if you want to add a more elegant and classic look to your home décor, then you can opt for light coloured or plain rugs.

When decorating a room, the colour scheme serves as the most important factor to consider. A coloured rug has the tendency to change the entire ambiance of your room, so it is of paramount importance to choose a rug that compliments the colour scheme and décor of the room well.

The Size of Your Room

It is important to take measurements of your room before you begin to shop for rugs. You can do this by measuring the length and width of your room. When choosing a rug it is best to opt for small to medium sized rugs in comparison to larger ones.

Considering the Material of the Rug

Natural materials such as cotton, wool and silk have no allergens like carpet can and are usually the best option when choosing a rug.

The Furniture of the Room

Another important factor to consider when choosing a rug for your room is taking the furniture into account. Patterned or multi coloured shrugs are well suited for rooms having neutral or moderately toned set of furniture, whereas for rooms with more traditional furniture, neutral or plain rugs can immediately command anyone’s attention.


In a nutshell, whether you are looking for decorating your room or your office, rugs have the tendency to enhance the beauty of its interior without overpowering the eye.

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