Home Improvement 101: Simple Tips for Updating Your Living Space


You’re tired of the way your home looks, right? No problem. You can easily update the way your home looks without spending a ton of money. Simply have a little bit of patience and be willing to spend the time it takes to complete each project and your home will end up looking brand new. Here are some projects you may want to consider tackling.

Painting the House

If the house feels outdated or a little dull, freshen things up with some new paint. Have someone powerwash the outside of your home and then either give it a fresh coat of the same color you already have or choose a new color altogether. Either way, the exterior will look fresh and bright.

You can do a lot to the interior of a house with a little bit of paint, too. You can paint the walls and trim different colors and you can also use different types of paint to create patterns and textures.

Clean Your Roof

Yes, clean your roof. This is especially important if your home has a slate roof. Slate roofs have a nickname – “the hundred year roof.” This type of roofing has earned a reputation because it can last up to 75 years or longer. Keeping it clean and in good repair will ensure you never have to replace your roof.

While you’re up there, check the gutters for damage and clogs. Doing so will ensure your downspouts are always working properly and you won’t have to worry as much about rain damage during storms.

Expand Your Home Storage Areas

Older homes don’t have as much closet space as newer homes, making them look cluttered. Visit your local home improvement store and pick up a couple of laminate closet systems to add to your bedroom, pantry, or basement. The closets will add to your home’s décor while giving you space to organize and customize your belongings.

Soundproofing is Key

Are you constantly annoyed by sounds from outside? Tired of hearing your kids in the playroom? Consider soundproofing the interior walls of the rooms you’d like to keep quiet – or the rooms that are too loud. Doing so will improve the value of your house while ensuring everyone is able to enjoy their activities without disrupting others.

Home Improvement Cautions

If you plan on undertaking a larger project, make sure you’re following the right local procedures. Any projects involving construction need to be approved by your township and you’ll probably need a permit. If you’re hiring a contractor, make sure he has the proper licenses and insurance.

Not every home improvement project can be finished during a quick weekend, but they’re all worth it in the end. You’ll be happier and more comfortable in a house you can really appreciate and enjoy!

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