Get Body Confident- Target Those Problem Areas


There isn’t a woman in the world without body hang-ups, and that’s a darn shame. Here’s a quick guide for busting those problem areas and learning to love everything you’ve got.

Upper Arm Angst

Regardless of how skinny the rest of you happens to be, your arms are a law unto themselves. The good news is that any irritating bingo wings can be shifted completely over the space of around seven weeks, with techniques that you’ll find easy to fit into your day to day routine.

By cutting out chocolate, caffeine, and salty snacks and focusing your diet on lentils, pulses and protein, your entire body will benefit. Eat rich green veg such as spinach, and invest in a pair of kettle bells. Every other day when you get a spare moment, try to work up to twenty bicep curls, or two sets of ten press ups.

Tummy Tantrums

If you’re busy it can be hard to find an hour in your day to lie on the floor and wave your legs in the air, but give it a try. Use Google to find some simple exercises and YouTube for some simple yoga tutorials, and then find a section of your house where you’re not in danger of falling out of a window or through a table, and push your core as far as you feel comfortable.

Remember to warm up first; otherwise moving over the next couple of days will be harder than trying to show your in-laws how to set TV program reminders.

Booby Blues

Double trouble. If it was just the one, you could just about manage to keep it on the straight and narrow, but as it is you have to reign two of them in daily with specialized apparatus; without which they just sit there looking as if they’ve just had some really bad news.

The good news is that by drinking lots of water, and with all those arm exercises, they’ll start to look firmer and plumper. For an extra helping hand, you can try using a cream that makes your breasts bigger, firmer, and perkier. If you want to learn more about healthy and glowing skin, look at this site for further details.

Sizeable Thighs and Badly Behaved Bums

Swap Crunchies for crunches. Whilst on the phone, watching TV or reading the newspaper, do three to four sets of lunges, squats, crunches and hip extensions everyday if possible.

Exfoliating problem areas twice a week will also help to diminish the appearance of cellulite, as will drinking around 2L of water a day.

Above all, remember to love your body. Now and again you’ll wake up feeling like you want to smash every mirror you see to smithereens, but bodies are quite helpful to have around, and a woman’s shape is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Watch your diet, exercise regularly, and appreciate the way you’re made.

If you have any top tips for busting problem areas, comment below and let us know!

Susannah Perez is a fashion and beauty blogger with a passion for instilling body confidence! She is an avid writer for Triactol and she enjoys visiting vintage fairs at the weekend.

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